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How to flip an image online?

1. Upload Image.

Upload an image from a computer or mobile.

2. Flipping Options.

Select vertical or horizontal flipping options.

3. Hit the Flip Button.

Hit the flip button to mirror or rotate an image.


Sometimes flipping or mirroring an image significantly enhance the looks in the picture and make it more catchy.


Flipping an image horizontally or vertically is one of the basics in photo editing. If you are not satisfied with your selfie tricks, then try to flip those images to find a drastic change.

What does it mean to flip or mirror an image?

Flipping or mirroring an image makes the right side of the image becomes the left side, and vice versa.


Today's selfie phones are specially designed to show mirror images so that they give natural mirror looking feel.

How to flip an image online?

So in this tutorial, we will explain the step by step process to flip an image online.


Here we are going to use the howtotechies image flipping tool, which will help you mirror or flip an image.


After flipping, you can also download the flipped picture from here. Now follow the steps below to download the flipped image.

1- howtotechies image flipping tool

Firstly open the howtotechies image flipping tool from the given link.

2- Choose the upload option.

Now select the way you want to upload your image by URL or computer.

3- Flip options.

Select the horizontal, vertical, or both flipping options from the given checkboxes.

4- Click flip.

Hit the Flip button to start the image flipping process.

5- View flipped image.

Once completed, you can view the flipped image on your browser.

6- Download flipped images.

To download the flipped or mirrored image, click on the download button.

I hope you like the fast, secure, and reliable tool to mirror, rotate, and flip an image online.