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How to convert png to bmp online?

1.Open converter.

Open howtotechies png image converter.

2. Upload image.

Upload png image from a url or computer.

3. Hit the Convert button.

Hit the "Convert" button to convert a png to bmp.

What is a PNG file?

The PNG file format stands for Portable Network Graphics. Png is a most used raster-graphics file-format available on the internet.


Png also supports lossless data compression for higher portability. Png is also known as the better replacement of the gif(Graphics Interchange Format) file formats.


The standard type of images that are supported by png is grayscale images, full-color RGB images, palette-based images and transparent background images.

What is a BMP file?

The BMP extension file, also known as bitmap or bitmap image file or device-independent bitmap(DIB) is raster graphics data.


The BMP is used to store the bitmap digital images, which are device-independent. We can view the BMP images without a need for a graphics adapter.


Data stored in BMP files are compressed or non-compressed. Bmp files save data with lossless compression and widely used on windows os.

Is BMP better than PNG?

BMP file can be compressed or uncompressed with lossless compression. PNG also has a compressed format but lossless.


Thre is no difference in the quality of both image formats. The uncompressed BMP file takes much more space than png, but when compressed by .zip or .7z, there is no difference between both files.

Is BMP suitable for printing?

The tiff and BMP files are bitmaps, so they are perfect for printing purposes. The highest resolution jpg can also print right, but it is a compressed format.

How to Convert PNG to BMP Online?

png to bmp

So here we are showing you how to use png to BMP tool to convert a png image to BMP format. After turning it to BMP, you can also download it on your computer. Follow the steps below to convert a file.

1- howtotechies Pngtobmp converter

Firstly open the howtotechies Png to BMP converter tool.

2- Upload File.

Now upload your file from computer or Url.

3- Click Convert.

Hit the convert button to start png file conversion.

4- View converted image.

Once completed, you can view the converted BMP image on your browser.

5- Download BMP images.

To download the BMP file, click on the download button.

I hope you like the fast, secure, and reliable tool to convert PNG to BMP online.