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How to convert webp to png online?

1.Open converter.

Open howtotechies image converter.

2. Upload image.

Upload image from a url or computer.

3. Hit the Convert button.

Hit the "Convert" button to convert a webp to png.

what is webp file?

Webp is an image file format which was developed by Google in the year 2010. The webp is a superior lossy and lossless image compression format.


Webp gives you higher quality images in a smaller size as compared to jpeg or png files. It's helpful for developers and webmaster to create quality compressed images to load the site faster.


As compared with PNGs, the webp lossless is 26% smaller in size. Simultaneously webp lossy is 25 to 30 % smaller than an equivalent jpeg image file.

What is a PNG file?

The PNG file format stands for Portable Network Graphics. Png is a most used raster-graphics file-format available on the internet.


Png also supports lossless data compression for higher portability. Png is also known as the better replacement of the gif(Graphics Interchange Format) file formats.


The standard type of images that are supported by png is grayscale images, full-color RGB images, palette-based images and transparent background images.

How to Convert WEBP to PNG Online?

webp to png

So here we are showing you how to use webp to png tool to convert a webp image to png format. After turning it to png, you can also download it on your computer. Follow the steps below to convert a file.

1- howtotechies webptopng converter

Firstly open the howtotechies webp to png converter tool.

2- Upload File.

Now upload files from computer or Url.

3- Click Convert.

Hit the convert button to start webp file conversion.

4- View converted image.

Once completed, you can view the converted png image on your browser.

5- Download png images.

To download the png file, click on the download button.

I hope you like the fast, secure, and reliable tool to convert webp to png online.