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If you are searching for how to download private facebook videos in 2020? Then our private Facebook downloader allows you to download unlimited private videos in just one click.

The private videos on Facebook are only visible to close friends. Thus it can't be possible to download these videos from public facebook downloader.

About Private Facebook Video Downloader

The howtotechies private downloader helps you to download videos in mp4 format. This downloader allows you to download any private or public Facebook video in one click. We don't store any Facebook video on our servers; we just provide the link of private Facebook videos. This is a free downloading tool, and you can download unlimited videos with this tool.

How to Download Private Facebook Videos?

This downloader works fine on Android, iPhone and PC. You just need a chrome browser to extract high-quality Facebook videos. Follow the same steps on mobile and PC to download a Facebook video.

1. Open Facebook Account

Open the Chrome browser on your device and log in to the Facebook account.

Facebook Private Downloader

2. Visit Desired Private Fb Video

After a successful login, find the desired video and double click to open post.

3. Copy the Video URL

Open the Facebook video post and copy the Url from the address bar.

4. Visit the Howtotechies

Go to the howtotechies facebook downloader page and paste the video link.

genrate view source link

5. Hit the Generate Button

Click the "Generate" button and copy the generated text from the below textbox.

6. Open the Generated Text

Now open the generated text in the browser tab.

copy source to private downloader

7. Copy the Source

Select and copy the whole Html text from the browser.

facebook downloader

8. Open Howtotechies Private Facebook Downloader

Open howtotechies private Facebook video downloader and paste all the copied text in Textarea.

9. Smash the "DOWNLOAD" Button

Click/Tap to confirm and download the private Facebook video.

Once you hit the download button, confirmed the video and hit download again to start the downloading process.

By using our private downloader visitors can easily download private Facebook videos in 2020.